Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons is an epic story set in the Forgotten Realms on the Sword Coast. A thin strip of civilization stretches down the Sword Coast, where widely spaced cities are arranged like beads on a string. A combination of roads and wagon tracks loosely connect the cities that stretch from Luskan in the north to Calimport in the south, passing through Neverwinter, Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate and other great ports along the way. Most of this campaign takes place from Baldur’s Gate to Neverwinter and the surrounding areas.

Tyranny of Dragons centres around The Cult of the Dragon and their machinations. The Cult of the Dragon has been active in Faerun for centuries. It has focused on making undead dragons to fulfill a prophecy most of that time, but that is changing. As The Cult of the Dragon has grown bolder, its actions have drawn attention. Your characters have stumbled into the Cult’s scheme in some manner or has a connection to dragons.

Faerun Torn Asunder